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October winds lament around the Castle of Dromore

hot chocolate with whipped cream, cinnamon and gingerbread cookies on the side

I know, it’s not even November but the truth is, I get into Christmas mode in mid to late October. The thing is though, that in Sweden we don’t get crazy when it comes to decorations and since I live with my parents – no abundantly sparkly Christmas for Carolina. I know, sad right? And about the picture; in my defence, the cream looked a lot less like shaving foam when I started photographing it, but since these were the last pictures I took, it had caved in slightly… Oops ;) And since I don’t like whipped cream unless it’s the stuff that comes out of a can (I know, that can’t be normal), it just is the way it is.

Some Christmas favourites

Music album: On Christmas Night by Cherish the Ladies

Song: The Castle of Dromore (hence the title) and The Little Drummer Boy

Food: My grandmother’s Christmas candy (that qualifies as food, right?) and Christmas ham with home made whisky mustard

Type of ornament: Probably gnomes and angels

Place to celebrate: On Gotland (an island outside the east coast of Sweden) where my mother is from, it’s just so magical. The snow doesn’t turn grey as quickly as it does here in the city and my grandmother’s food is brilliant too. And it brings back a lot of childhood memories since I’ve spent almost every Christmas there since I was born.

Book to read: Jane Eyre or fairytale collections – this year I think I’m going to go through some by the Brothers Grimm

To bake: Sugar cookies in fun shapes – although this year I might try to make some Christmas cupcakes

Not to mention the shopping and giving of gifts, walking in the  city and looking at the window displays and the lights, Santa Claus and an endless array of other things.

Happy October everyone and I hope I’m not the only one looking forward to Christmas!


something red

sorry I’ve been distant – lots goin’ on, I’ll blog more in a bit.

…but as long as you have the beauty inside of you, you’ll make it through

stupidity is everywhere

Did you know that…

…without added food coloring, Coca-Cola would be green?

My favorite word


Love is louder…

…than the pressure to be perfect.

because summer nights glow in the dark

Amongst the most beautiful things in the world, one of the top contestants on my list is probably summer nights. Especially when you’re sitting by the water watching the city lights reflect on the still surface, light bouncing everywhere, creating shadows and sea monsters. Maybe not sea monsters, but the effect the colors and the shining lights make is like crack for my imagination, it just shoots right through the roof (or in this case, the night sky). The picture above is from around two months ago.



Holy mother of Harry – POTTERMORE

So, I’ve been sitting by my computer for the last couple of hours, literally jumping up and down in my seat. I had butterflies and everything. Yes I am near eighteen years of age, so what could possibly have me acting like a five year old, you ask? Pottermore is what. I’ve been refreshing the page all morning, waiting for THE CLUE.  What clue, you ask? (well, aren’t you just awfully persistent) Luckily for you, I’m all about the info today. Let us start at the beginning.

Today (July 31), J.K. Rowling launched a website, called Pottermore. She has said little about what the site actually is but from what I gather, it is some form of interactive reading experience. It opens for all in the beginning of October, but from today until August 6th, you can take a shot at getting an early acceptance letter entry (see what I did there?).  But in order to do so, you have to solve THE CLUE.

So that is what I’ve been doing all morning. And it finally arrived!!

The clue leads you to the magic quill. The magic quill is (in the Harry Potter world of AWESOME), is what detects the birth of a magic child, then it writes it down in a large book. So, once you solve the question, you can find the magic quill. And that I did!

I believe the term is WHOOPIE! Or something like that.

It’s embarrassing how satisfying that was.  I hope that, for those of you that haven’t found the magic quill, this post was at least a little bit fun due to the screen shot overload. Please comment on this post stating your thoughts about Pottermore or the marvellous world of Harry Potter.



The quest begins

I’ll get back to you when I’ve found the goddamn magic quill!

(pardon my French)



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